The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalms 19:1

I have been privileged to do many interesting things in my life. One of the most enjoyable desires God has put in my heart has been flying a small airplane. Recently I had the opportunity to make a solo flight that took me over the top of a cloud layer hundreds of miles wide. After a while I was struck by the awesome solitude. There was sun, sky and cloud as far as eye could see, but not a thing made by man. Soon my thoughts turned to the Creator who with a word can change a clear blue sky to the woolen blanket of cloud I was enjoying, and bring out it's beautiful texture with a light source millions of miles away. I thought of the atmosphere in which I was flying - an atmosphere created not only to give us breath, but in such a way that with a simple airplane wing I could soar upward to this place of solitude. Inevitably my thoughts turned to the greatest gift from the Creator, the giving of His Son to die for my sins. And in this incredible, isolated cloudscape I was alone with Him and He had truly given me the desires of my heart.

I urge you to find your place of solitude, whether it be mountain, meadow, lake or sky. Anywhere away from the turmoil of everyday life. Meet with God and he will envelop you in His awesome love and presence.

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October 1997

"I always thought that my airplane conveyed a silent sermon. To the earthbound observer, its silhouette was the shape of the cross on which Jesus was crucified."
-- E. R. Trimble --
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