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Confessions of a Pilot is a non-fiction, aviation adventure written by Gene Seibel, a Christian pilot and author. Its pages contain highlights from a quarter century of flying experiences with Gene and his family. Although written for a general audience and not as a religious work, the author's values and "unassuming faith" become evident throughout the book. It is a book that is filled with adventures, yet acknowledges the beauty and inspiration of God's creation in a way that makes it a great purchase or gift for avid readers and aviation enthusiasts alike. Your support of this family friendly book, free of bad language, sexual content, and violence is appreciated. We invite you to find out more about Confessions of a Pilot and its author at these links.
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"I thoroughly enjoyed the book, Confessions of a Pilot. The words were beautiful and poetic describing the scenery. As I went with him on his trips I could feel his quite unassuming faith. Thank you, Gene, for taking me on those wonder flights with you." -- Gertrude, St. Joseph, Missouri --