Letter Official FAA New
A Alpha Aeon
B Bravo Bdellium
C Charlie Cereal
D Delta Djakarta
E Echo Euphoria
F Foxtrot Futtock
G Golf Gnome
H Hotel Hour
I India Ian
J Juliet Jalepeņo
K Kilo Knee
L Lima Llama
M Mike Mnemonic
N November Ngami
O Oscar Oedipus
P Papa Pneumonia
Q Quebec Quito
R Romeo Roentgen
S Sierra Sforzando
T Tango Tchaikovsky
U Uniform Ursula
V Victor Veldt
W Whiskey Wretch
X Xray Xylophone
Y Yankee Yclept
Z Zulu Zloty

Phonetic Alphabet
(by Jim Weir - rec.aviation.* Newsgroup)

There has been some talk recently in these newsgroups about the "new", "old", and other phonetic alphabets that we use in aviation. In line with some of the articles I've written recently on new connector standards and such, I propose this new phonetic alphabet ;)

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