My Valentine
Written by Sue Meintrup

The day You came into my life
I knew my future would be bright

Your love fills me with a joy I can't describe
I just know how happy I feel inside
I want to tell everyone I see
About the joy You bring to me

Being with You is where I love to be
Whether here on earth or in eternity

You know the desires of my heart
Providing everything I need
When I make a mistake from time to time
You always forgive me and say,
"Put your hand in mine and follow Me."

The blessings I get from loving You I cherish
Without Your love.... I know I would perish
Empty and alone
No place to call home

I keep my thoughts on You
Rejoicing again and again
Knowing that Your love will never end

You have also given me two bundles of joy
First a girl then a boy
You help me to be the best mom I can be
Guiding my thoughts and giving me the patience that I need
To love them, no matter what they do
This is only possible because of You

Whenever I look into their eyes I know what I will see
the same love in them as You give to me.

I observe in amazement
Your gentle forgiving love for us each day
I wouldn't want it any other way

I love You, Father God of mine
Thank You for being my valentine

Copyright 1998 by Sue Meintrup