Lohrenz' Trip to Russia in 1900

Aulne, KS 22 September 1900
Since Brother Rogalsky has already reported concerning the first part of our trip to Russia in # 84 of The Zionsbote, I will report beginning where we parted. They (Rogalskys) disembarked the 8th of May at 6 O'clock in the morning at Bologne, France and we traveled on and arrived at Rotterdam at 12 O'clock at night, but we could not land because of the low water level. It took until the 9th at 6 O'clock in the morning before we could disembark. Then we hurried to put everything in order and at 9:30 we started on our way to Emerich, the border town of Holland. There our things were checked. We were not required to pay duty. Thursday the 10th we came to Berlin at the Lehrter Railroad Station. From here we went to Hohspitz, Orautienstr 108 S.W.

Friday the 11th of May at 11:30 we left from Friedrichshof Railroad Station. For two tickets to Eidkuhnen we paid 59 Marks and 80 Pf. Saturday the 12th at 8:30 in the morning we came to Eidkuhnen. On the border all went well. We bought two tickets to Febrofka for 23 Rubl. and 40 Kop. and left there at 8 O'clock in the morning. Tuesday the 15th at 3 O'clock in the morning we came to Febrotka and Wednesday the 16th we arrived at Mariental at David Schulzes, my wife's sister. They did not recognize each other after twenty-six years of separation. The greetings were very emotional. We were there until the 23rd and visited friends and family. The 24th of May, with the Schultzes, we went to Memrik. The parents and family did not recognize us; we visited family and friends.

Friday the 1st of June and Saturday the 2nd I attended the yearly conference in Wischilofka. Tuesday, the 19th of June we left for the Orenburger settlement. We had to change (trains) six times. Saturday the 23rd we came to Piatowka and arrived at Koraguj for the night. Sunday the 24th of June and Sunday the 1st of,July we were at the church gatherings. The congregation has a beautiful church building.

Monday the 2nd of July we traveled back to Memrik. Friday the 6th at 5 O'clock in the evening we arrived at Schafkanja. The Orenburger settlement looked unfamiliar. The area is very hilly, but the crops looked very good; also at Memrik the crops were good.

Tuesday the 10th of July we bid farewell to parents and the family at Memrik knowing that our next meetinq would be on the other side of the grave and death. The 11th we went: to Kolonie to visit family and friends.

Auqust the 9th we left for the Krim (Crimea) where my wife's brother Jacob Wiens lives in Kutjuky. Friday the 17th we went back to Kolonie. Sunday the 26th of August we gathered at the David Schulzes in Mariental for a farewell. Many of our family and friends were present. We had a blessed time together. Tuesday the 26th of August the David Schulzes took us to Fedrofka. We left at 2 O'clock and, Sunday the 2nd of September, we arrived at Bremen. On the 4th we embarked on the ship Maria Theresia. The ocean voyage went very well. It was somewhat windy but not stormy.

Wednesday the 12th at 4 O'clock in the afternoon we disembarked from the ship. We left New York on Thursday at 12 O'clock at night. We arrived home, Sunday the 16th at 6 O'clock in the evening. Our children met us. All were well (in good health).

Heinrich and Elisabeth Lohrenz

Source: The Zionsbote 26 September 1900
Located by Peggy Goertzen
Translated by Rufus Lohrenz April 6, 1992.

Note: Rufus remembers being told that his grandparents introduced the newer German gospel songs; that were being used in the U.S. churches, to the congregations in Russia.

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