Imagine never having flown.

Imagine never knowing sky below.

Imagine never feeling unfettered freedom.

Imagine being bound to mother earth.

Imagine wheels always on the ground.

Imagine missing sun topped clouds.

Imagine not knowing the welcome of a runway.

Imagine air never thinning.

Imagine sky being the limit.

Imagine gravity unconquered.

Imagine oceans not hopped.

Imagine never rising above the noise.

Imagine cloud canyons not visited.

Imagine hills only for climbing.

Imagine horizons closed in.

Imagine crawling.

Imagine being not the bird, but the worm.

Imagine only because it is not so!

I believe there is divine imagination - Give it wings for it created aviation
Every little hop you’re holding inside - Every little gleam you keep in you eyes
A dream, yeah, a dream -- Michelle Tumes, Dream --

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