U.S. Department
of Transportation
Federal Aviation
Kansas City International Airport
Kansas City, Missouri 64153
Telephone: -------------

May 20, 1996


Mr. Eugene K. Seibel
---- ---- ----
St. Joseph, Missouri 64507

Dear Mr. Seibel:

Investigation of the circumstance surrounding your operation of Piper Tri Pacer N8943D at Rankin Airport, Maryville, Missouri, on May 19, 1996 gives reason to believe that your competence as a private pilot is in question and that a reexamination of your qualification to be the holder of a private pilot certificate is necessary in the interest of safety. Therefore, pursuant to the authority contained in Section 609 of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, as amended, you are requested to call or appear at this office or a Flight Standards District Office more conveniently located to you no later than ten days from your receipt of this letter to make an appointment for reexamination. The reexamination will consist of an oral and flight test and include the knowledge and skill necessary to be the holder of a private pilot certificate, airplane single engine, with emphasis on normal and crosswind approach and landings.

If you do not accept the opportunity for reexamination by the date set forth above, it will be necessary for us to start proceedings to suspend your private pilot certificate until such time as you demonstrate your competence to exercise its privileges. If for reasons beyond your control, you are unable to be reexamined at this time, please contact the undersigned within ten days in order that a determination can be made whether a time extension may be granted.

We will be pleased to discuss this matter with you and provide any further information which may assist you. Our once is open from 0700 to 1700, and our telephone number is (816) --- ----.

You cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.


------- - -------
Principal Operations Inspector