Three Years Ago
By Melissa Henderson

Three years ago I was sitting on my grandfather's lap talking to him and singing. We would always sing, color, play with the cat, and do a lot of things. We would read too. We had the most fun together.

He liked Greek music and he used to dance with me. Once he made me a copy of a record we liked called Play Bouzouki. I remember like it was yesterday.

My Grandpa had an old record called Gypsy Passion. He took a picture of me wearing his beret because he thought I looked like the girl on the front of the album cover. From then on he called me his "Little Gypsy."

He made me a foot stool and two coat racks. He was at a furniture store one night and saw two little recliners and bought them, one for my brother and one for me.

He had cancer and every day he would think about the times he was in the Korean War, and he would think about the times he had with us. My treasures are the days I had with my grandfather. They were very special to me.

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