Kansas City Lights

That November night is burned into my memory for so many reasons. I flew in from Springfield, just as the Kansas City lights were coming alive for the evening. The flight itself was memorable because my airplane's alternator had quit charging. I turned off the radios and all unnecessary electrical equipment to save enough battery power to ask for a landing clearance. I remember beginning my decent in complete radio silence, allowing my mind to savor not only the upcoming evening with my friend Sheila, who was waiting at the downtown airport, but also the vast carpet of twinkling lights stretching for miles ahead of me. Though later events of the evening would overshadow that moment, it nevertheless remained fresh in my memory.

Some two and one half years after Sheila's departure from this Earth, I was driving in Memphis when the host of a late night radio talk show began discussing how those who have gone on remain close to us. I silently told God that I sure would like to hear from my special angel once again, and went on about my business. A day later, I took off for home. After clearing the Memphis air traffic area, I settled back to enjoy the flight and tuned the radio to "Cotton Country 830". Little did I know that the next song to be played would be a lesser known ballad about the lights of Kansas City. As these words fell from the speaker, I saw her waiting for me like she had in times past, and the tears began to flow. God had allowed her to touch my heart one more time.

Kansas City lights
In my mind they shine so bright
She's waiting there, I've been away too long
Kansas City lights, Shine for me tonight
Watch over her for me till I get home

I dream I feel the plane descending
Above the lights of Kansas City
As the plane touches down
I see her standing there right now

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