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We live in a society where everything from books to soft drinks to running shoes are chosen by popularity. This popularity is often not an indication of quality, but how much advertising hype or name recognition is behind the product. Often, very good products never become known in the marketplace. Such is the obstacle faced by new authors. Unless he or she has a well known name, they will not have access to major publishers with unlimited promotional budgets. This often has nothing to do with the quality of the authorís writing. The catch 22 is that self-published books are labeled by the industry as being inferior. That is not always the case. Such great names as Tom Clancy and Mark Twain once had difficulty attracting major publishers, and started their careers with independent or self publishing.

Click for Book Page I believe variety is what makes life interesting and that among independent authors you will find a wide variety of styles, fresh insights and interests. In the major publisher's world, the goal is often to duplicate the latest best seller.

I have recently published a book, titled Confessions of a Pilot. It is a work filled with real-life adventures that you may find of interest. I invite you to visit my main Book Page for details.
Gene Seibel

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