Read the account of a pilot and his twenty-four year love affair with flying. Explore 170 pages of memories, dreams and fears, spanning two decades of adventures across North America in his beloved 1958 Piper Tri-Pacer. Whether you are a pilot who may have found yourself in his shoes, an aspiring pilot looking for insight, or someone who simply believes the spice of life is going beyond ordinary, everyday, earthbound activities, this is a book for you.
From Confessions of a Pilot:
Suddenly, with no warning, the shaking began. I felt smaller and smaller as we were tossed about like a leaf. Knowing it might be smoother at a lower altitude, I reduced power and dropped the nose. Still we were not descending. An angry updraft had us in its clutches. I lowered the nose more and finally the altimeter began unwinding, but now airspeed was in the yellow arc! Soon I had the power pulled all the way back to idle and airspeed was returning to the neighborhood of maneuvering speed. What a ride. There were smooth periods and then the invisible forces would begin their work again. The turbulence was at times severe, but that was no worse than the moments of smoothness when anticipating the next jolt.....
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From Confessions of a Pilot:
Later in the day and closer to home, I see more bustling Kansas towns and hamlets. School has dismissed for the day and the conspicuous yellow buses are making their stop-and-go rounds. I see the village of Rushville, carefully hidden in a valley notched into the Missouri River bluffs. A coal train snakes along the bluffs, its ebony load bound to a power plant that will generate the electricity needed to keep so-called civilization entertained. Nearby, fields of grain take on a myriad of hues, from the browns to the red-browns to golden yellow and the yellow-greens. I am intrigued by their variety and intensity. The countryside is displaying a final explosion of fall color before decaying into the drabness of winter.

"Loved the book. Your ability to bring a person into the cockpit through diction is unparalleled." -- Patrick O'Brien, Apache attack helicopter pilot in Georgia --

"With the passion of a romance writer describing an unforgettable lover, Gene Seibel introduces us to that place in the sky where eagles fly, where birds take wing and loudly sing. Go with him as he confesses everything I have done as a professional pilot, got lost, got scared, got experience and got there and back." -- Clayton Davis, pilot from Maryland and author of the book, "So You Want to be a Pilot" --

"I have just finished reading your book Confessions of a Pilot and think it was absolutely great. I have never known another person who feels the same way as I do about the joy of flight. It seems as though you captured every emotion I have ever felt while at the controls of my small Cessna 150." -- Ray, pilot from Vandalia, Illinois --