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Confessions of a Pilot is an educational, non-fiction, aviation adventure. Its pages contain highlights from twenty-four years of flying experiences with Gene Seibel and his family. His "confessions" consist of the inner-most feelings and sometimes misadventures of an aviator. In addition to being an interesting commentary on the experiences and impressions of a typical private pilot, Confessions of a Pilot serves as an educational tool about the field of aviation. Its pages give the reader a snapshot of the pilot training process as well as the everyday decisions a pilot might face over his years of flight. It's a student friendly book, free of bad language, sexual content, and violence. We invite you to find out more about Confessions of a Pilot and its author at the links below.
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"Loved the book. Your ability to bring a person into the cockpit through diction is unparalleled." -- Patrick O'Brien, Apache attack helicopter pilot in Georgia --