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World's Longest Yard Sale

We had heard about it a few years ago. It was the yardsale to end all yard sales, stretching 450 miles across Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, but we couldn't go without a way to bring home our treasures. Last January we purchased our little red truck, and this was the perfect year to throw ourselves into the fray. Sue began the planning, with a Bed and Breakfast stop each night. We'd try to cover about half the distance this year. Preparations were made and we located a camper top for the pickup. August second came and we went.

We head for Kentucky with an empty bed

We get a good night's sleep at Tucker House

We locate highway 127

The yard sales start

And the barn sales

And the tent sales

Anything can be found

Even a genuine 100 year old moonshine still

We arrive tired at the Chambers in Danville

Our little S10 takes us to sale after sale

Dan the horse churns homemade ice cream

Traffic gets heavier for our little red truck

We visit a general store in Tennessee

Sue poses with the wooden maiden

We go inside

And look at goodies across the street

Weekend crowds get bigger

And traffic gets heavier

Treasures are secured

And everyone tries to keep cool

We spend a night at Woodland Cove

And enjoy the paddle boat

We soak up the sunset at a restaurant

And set off on our last day of shopping

Monday it's "on the road again"

With our load of loot

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