Home Pillsbury Doughboy Confessions of a Pilot
Gene & Sue's Planes Tales of Flight
Why Fly? - Because every flight is a gift!
Mexico - A 2 week epic flight around Mexico
Oshkosh - Kansas to Oshkosh with friends
First Solo - The Instructor is Missing
Balloons, Balloons! - Sue and I take a hot air balloon flight
Flying Tales Gene Seibel's book about 24 years of high adventure.
Floating! - Drifing through open sky
Wright Brothers Memorial - Our flight to Kitty Hawk
Flight across Mid-America - A surrealistic evening flight across Kansas
Vacationing Vagabond - A week long flight to Sun'N'Fun in Florida
Saturday in November - A flight home from the Gulf Coast
Missouri Weather - Racing a thunderstorm across Missouri
Airport Guy - Observations about airport characters
Cherokee Checkout - Check out in a newly purchased airplane
Let There Be Light - When the hangar light goes out
Risk! - Fighting a headwind across Kansas
Breathe Normally - An experience with fuel exhaustion
Flying Pictures
Flying Photos
Thunderstorm - Fast building storms
This Plane is a Trooper - My first airplane wreck
The Wreck - My second airplane wreck
Airplanes and Death - What the dangers of flying mean to me
Normal - Feelings about flying and terrorism
Pictures - Sights of Flight - the early years
Places We've Flown - Map of our treks across the country

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Life ......... Accept no imitations.
Observations by others
Little Brother Tall Man - A touching story about a special pilot
An Attack Pilot's Nightmare - Apache helicopter pilot
Field of Dreams - Stephen Coonts on Flying
High Flight - The Classic Poem
Icarus - The enticement of flight
Lindbergh - Charles Lindbergh on Flying
Safety Tips - From the days of Aeroplanes
Fighter Pilots - What makes them tick
Aviation Books - Richard Bach and others
'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Aviation Style

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