The Stakeout
The week was barely half over and the scoundrels had struck deep into the core of Granite City for a third time. The Genesu crime fighting duo had no choice but to respond. The way of life for the citizens of this usually quiet community in the heart of Mid-America was at stake. It was vital that one-peaceful State Street be returned to its unspoiled past. Truth, justice and the American way were at risk.

The cowardly crooks had always carried out their evil under cover of darkness and it was incognito into the night that Genesu had to go. Using their fellow hero’s Bobbymobile, they thrust deep into the nucleus of the enemy’s domain undetected, to lie in wait for the evil that lurked. It would be a long night, but they were prepared with their marshmallow circus peanuts and their Milky Way bars with the glow in the dark wrappers. They were an unstoppable team - he in his cowboy boots and she with her blonde hair stuffed up under a baseball cap. Neither would dare be first to surrender to defeat. They quietly set up under cover of the tree-lined, one way street, but within view of the place where the offenses had occurred.

On this night the streets of Granite City appeared quiet. Citizens went about their business, seemingly oblivious to the crime scene in their midst - almost as if they knew their invisible liberators were nearby. One by one, they returned to their homes after their night out, pulled into their driveways, walked up the front steps, and disappeared into their private worlds. They’d first appear to Genesu as a pair of headlights in the distance, some in a hurry, others taking their time. Genesu would come to full alert and each target was monitored until it was determined that it was not a threat to the tranquility of Granite City. Would it be a quiet member of the community or an intruder with sinister motives? No one was beyond suspicion. Genesu wondered if trespasser would strike with bold force, or sneak in like the yellow coward he was. From time to time an unknown vehicle would pass right through the zone. Genesu noted each one and wondered if it was a resident of a neighborhood beyond, or the perpetrator scoping out his next strike.

All around, the locals were settling into their nightly routine. Some had lights out early. The hazy glow of television screens illuminated many bedroom windows. Dogs were taken for walks. Mailboxes were checked. Smokers sat on steps in the cool evening breeze for their last cigarette of the night. One o’clock came and more lights blinked off. Spurts of traffic became less frequent. The stop sign some two hundred feet in front of us became more and more ignored by nervous night owls. An otherwise apparently law-abiding citizen made a quick run to the store and stole home the wrong way on his one way street. Neighborhood cats began their nightly, stealthy expeditions - one being so bold as to hop on the hood of the Bobbymobile. Time passed and morning approached. With lightening of the sky still imperceptible, birds began chirping, as if watching a clock. It soon became apparent that the enemy of State Street tranquility had chosen not to reveal his menacing presence on this night.

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