The Six-Letter Word

I was taught a lesson that just six simple letters could make a difference.

Those six letters made the word - SILENT.

Those letters when rearranged also spell the word - LISTEN.

I never truly understood that until the day I stood silent and learned there was more to life than everyday living.

When you don't take the time to listen and be silent then everything is easily taken for granted.

The things I wasn't silent for and listened for, I now miss the most.

  • A simple I love you from my children.

  • The request of a loved one that I was too busy for at the time.

    Little did I know, that if I stayed quiet and savored things, I could have imprinted their voices in my mind and made memories that would have lasted.

    The one thing I always will be thankful for is that I learned my lesson and heeded the call. But also that God truly is silent and listened for my every need, but in return if I'm silent, I can also hear from Him.

    -- Author Unknown