Meet Gene and Sue's Beloved Family Pet

It's long been said that a dog is man's best friend. These days we often hear about how a pet can bring happiness into one's life. After meeting this little bundle of joy for the first time, we agreed that nothing could be better. Sue had a name picked out right away and it fit perfectly. Of course, not everyone can see what attracts us to this little guy, so you'll have to excuse our enthusiasm. Some might even say that getting a new pet at our age is a bit far-fetched.

Nada running on the beach

Nada on Grandma's rug

Nada with the Doughboy

Sue and Nada at the Airport
Nada enjoys meeting new friends and going new places. For the most part her training is going well. There are some areas in which it's hard to detect progress, especially when she is out of our sight. She apparently isn't happy to be left home alone. But so far the neighbors haven't complained about her barking, and she does have a rather small carbon footprint.

Gene Geocaching with Nada

Naughty Nada!

Nada gets a cold nose

Nada in the driver's seat
This little dynamo could go, go go, all the time. She loves going in the airplane or going in the car. I believe she would like to drive, but I don't really see that happening. We think she really wants to go on a fire engine someday. We suspect this because she seems to be so attracted to fire hydrants. We usually don't see her tire quickly, but when she does, she's out like a light.

Sleepy Nada

Nada playing in the grass

Nada on the trail

Nada in the fog
We've become attached to our little buddy like nothing else. We've had a couple scares when she wandered out of our sight and we thought we had lost her. Guess we need to get a few more pictures in case we have to print up lost posters. She is a little shy and usually doesn't let strangers get close enough to see the name and address on her collar. Well, got to go play now!! So far, "fetch" has been a bit one sided.
It's such a joy to receive - ah - encouragement from friends and relatives as we adopt Nada to our family. Here are some of the latest comments :)
From Missouri - Where'd that come from? You strange people!
From internet friend - She's adorable!!! Love her coloring!
From Kansas - have too much free time on your hands.....
From Illinois - Congratulations on your new pet. It's adorable!
From Oklahoma - My friend....... You need serious, professional help -- IMMEDIATELY!
From Kansas - Nice photos. I'll bet you save a lot on vet's bills and dog food.
From internet friend - What a lovely little Nada! I particularly enjoyed Nada in the fog.
From Illinois - We would be interested in purchacing one of her offspring - as long as they are as cute as she is. We are all very excited, but ..... concerned about whether there is any shedding?
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