The Marble Game
These are the details of a homemade marble board game that has been in our family for many years. It's played with four sets of four marbles and a pair of dice to determine moves. It's usually played with players on the opposite sides of the board being partners. When one is finished, the numbers they roll are given to their partner.


You can roll again if you roll a 7, 11 or a double.

You need to roll a 7 or 11 to go to your start space. After that, you move forward or you can back up 4 spaces, if you roll a four. (From there you can move into your finish space.)

When you are on start space and you roll a 12, if you wish you can move to center space. Then you need a 7 to get out of the center. You can also go to the center space from an inner corner with a 7.

You cannot pass your own marble.

You can send another person's marble home, if you land on the space they are on.

If you roll a 7, you can move 1 space. (You may use this to send another marble home or when you are trying to get a marble in at the finish.)

You may also split up a 7. (Example - If you roll a 5 and a 2, you may move 5 with one marble and 2 with another marble.)

You can also move back 4 while going around. Sometimes it helps to catch another person's marble or for safety sake.

You need exact numbers to move into your finish spaces. (Remember that you can move 1 when rolling a 7, or you can split a 7.)

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