Mackinac Island

Our fun little trip to Mackinac Island to relax somewhere in time!

Windmills of Northern Illinois

We visit a grass strip in Indiana

Farmers harvest below

Chicago appears across 40 miles of Lake Michigan

Hills and wind make for exciting fuel stops

Mackinac Bridge as the island comes into view

The Majestic Grand Hotel

And the village below

Final approach to somewhere in time

Our airport taxi awaits

Through the trees toward town

Oncoming traffic

The charming Market Street Inn

On quiet Market Street

Overlooked by Fort Mackinac

And one short block from the main drag

Up to our room

And off to Main Street

Carriages of every type

And doing every job

The light house guards the harbor

As the tourists explore

The ferries bring more Fudgies for the day

And we do a little Geocaching

The sun sets over the Mackinac Bridge

And the village sleeps

The clip-clops are our Day 2 wakeup call

And breakfast is served

The street sweepers are out

And the island's 600 horses leave their mark

Nature is everywhere

As we take our island tour

We see Arch Rock from the top

And the Michigan governor's summer home

We see Arch Rock from the bottom

As we begin our 8.2 mile bike trip around the island

The coastline stretches ahead

With sights of nature

And Mackinac's military past

And markers of the movie "Somewhere in Time"

Enjoying the scenery from a sidewalk bench

To the Island Hotel for dinner

The Yacht Club is next door

And a tanker drifts by

The carriages line up for Day 3

And morning deliveries are made

The Fudge Shops start work

And the pooper scoopers clean up

Horses come in every type

And nature abounds

Around the Grand Hotel's entry way

And the world's largest porch

We taste the island's best burgers

Bike, bikes, bikes!

Rain gutter delivery

A visit to the Butterfly House

We return to the quaint airport

And say goodbye to Mackinac!

Gene & Sue's Home