Airplanes Gene and Sue's
Home Sweet Homm

It's just a house. But it's so much more. It represents an exercise in faith, patience, and never giving up. We believed from the beginning that this house was destined by God to be our home. Yet, it was never a simple process. Because it was a short sale, we endured 7 1/2 months of ups and downs, and opportunities to give up, between our initial offer and the closing. Day by day we continued to believe it was ours.......

From the air!

Under the downwind for runway 17 (ALN)

The Garage

The Front Yard

The Basement

The Deck and Nada's back yard.

Living Room & Office

The Keys!

Enjoying the airplanes...

And other flying objects..

While Johnny Five does the lawn!

And satellites watch..

Ding, ding, the Ice Cream Man cometh!

Giddy up. Go!!

Village Leaf Machine

Christmas at Homm!

The Front Porch

Front Porch at night

Gene's First Front Porch

Top of Page Projects

Office Aviation Decor

DIY Play Kitchen for Alaina

Electric Fireplace

Shed/Play House

Kitchen Island

Guest Bed

Laundry Chute

Toy Storage
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