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The Star of Bethlehem - DVD - by Frederick A. Larson, Stephen McEveety
A magnificent display of the evidence to support the claims made for the Star of Bethlehem and the God of the Universe. The presentation is an inquiry without presupposition that engages the viewer in an entertaining and easily understandable way. The data and the methods of investigation employed are transparent to anyone wanting to repeat them for themselves. The visuals and the music are a delight and the discovery will take your breath away. A great present for anybody open minded to sorting truth from myth and legend regardless of religious persuasion. The Bible always said the heavens declare the glory of God. If you want to see that in all its splendor, get this DVD.
Through Gates of Splendor - by Elisabeth Elliot
Through Gates of Splendor is the true story of five young missionaries who were savagely killed while trying to establish communication with the Auca Indians of Ecuador. The story is told through the eyes of Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of the young men who was killed. This is the book on which the movie End of the Spear is based.
Jungle Pilot
In 1956, pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries were killed in Ecuador by the Waodani(Auca) Indians they had come to serve. Now Nate's gripping story of faithful service for Christ is brought up to date through the epilogue written by his son, Steve. See how Nate gave his life facing and solving the many problems unique to jungle flying and ministry. This is the story on which the movie End of the Spear is based.
High Calling - by Evelyn Husband
Evelyn Husband describes how her husband, Rick, commander of the ill-fated space shuttle Columbia, grew up longing to be an astronaut; how his dream came true; and how it ended with his death in Columbia's explosion in February 2003. But this is at its heart a story of Christian faith; as Rick's career developed, he grew from a nominal believer into one who would write, in the last day of his journal, "Lord-I want to do Your will and I want to be a godly man."
Let's Roll Finding Hope in the Midst of Crisis - by Lisa Beamer
What Lisa Beamer shares in this book is her abiding religious faith, probably without which she could not have coped with the loss of her beloved husband. She is also determined to help others to understand who her late husband was and why his heroism is "so Todd." She suggests that he was "more than a half hour of time on September 11."
She Said Yes : The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall
Cassie's story has fascinated the media as people dub her a martyr and struggle to forge meaning out of a "senseless" tragedy. In She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall, her mother tells the real story of Cassie's complex life up to that decisive moment. It's the story of a young woman who at one point had started down a troubled path similar to that of her killers, a story of tough choices and the war between goodness and evil in every person. But in the end, it's a story of redemption that is more enduring than the Columbine High School massacre that cut short Cassie's life.
Cross and the Switchblade - by David Wilkerson
In his autobiography ,"The Cross and the Switchblade", David Wilkerson gives knew insight to the meaning of Jesus' words: " If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23, NIV). Wilkerson denied himself as he risked his life to reach out to the least of these, one of which turned out to be gang leader Nicky Cruz.
Run, Baby, Run - by Nicky Cruz
I read this book several times while still in school. I was lucky enough to see Nicky Cruz speak on a couple of occasions, and found his story fascinating. I found it exciting where it needed to be and uplifting as well. It is an amazing story and sheds light in a dark area. His story is from decades ago, but now more than ever, it is useful. Today's gang-obsessed youth could really use a book like this in their lives. - A reader from Santa Fe
Code Blue - by Nicky Cruz
Nicky Cruz, former gang warlord and author of the bestselling autobiography Run Baby Run, has dedicated his life to delivering a message of hope for troubled young men and women across the globe. Filled with stories both encouraging and horrifying, Code Blue prescribes solutions that call for all of us to take part in the rescue effort.
Hello World! A Personal Message to the Body of Christ - by Paul Crouch
"Hello World" was a joy to read. The story of the National Broadcasting Station, "Trinity Broadcasting" is told from start to present in an interesting, faith building way. The author shares the call of God on his life, his battles and his victories are laid bare to bring to light a better understanding of the majesty ministry of TBN that the Lord Himself had ordained.
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